About Us

Learn about our company and how we set ourselves apart from the monolithic hosting providers

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Our Mission
Change the game through tech.

Revelation Hosting has been working on developing our platform around next generation technology and analytics since 2015. We believe in providing our customers the highest performing yet lowest cost server hosting on the market.

We believe so strongly in our hosting platform that we offer many of our services with included support and white-glove onboarding. This has been a core business objective since the beginning and we will do whatever it takes to maintain this directive.

Leadership Team

Founder Christian LaPlante
Christian LaPlante
CEO & Lead Engineer
Interested in joining our team? Email us for our open positions!

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Our History

  1. July 25, 2013
    Revelation Gaming Founded
  2. April 2015
    Hosting Division Opened
  3. February 2019
    Hosting 2.0 Project Begins
  4. April 2020
    Revelation Hosting Branding Completed
  5. September 2020
    Public Release (v1.0)
  6. September 2021
    FTP Feature Added (v1.7)
  7. September 2022
    Free Servers Return + New Premium VM tier (v1.10)